A Book Drive + Friendship Around the Globe (Granby, Connecticut & Makuleke Village, South Africa)

Earlier this year, students from Granby Memorial Middle School in Granby, Connecticut partcipated in a book drive faciitated by Sharing to Learn partner organization USACF (http://thechildrensfellowship.org/).  The books that the Granby students collected, were part of a large shipment of thousands of books.  When they arrived to the village, STL worked with two local primary schools to set up libraries with the donated books.  Later, we connected the students of Granby to some of the students in the village, allowing the children the opportunity to connect with one another, learn about each other’s culture and customs, sharing the basic thread of life.


Children at Makuleke Primary School receive books collected by children in Granby.  STL librarians distributed the books to local primary schools in the village, which allowed us to set up 2 new village libraries!

percy + mawisa G

Makuleke Village High School students, Mawisa and Percy use an iPhone to Skype with Granby Memorial Middle School students in Connecticut.  They participated in a Q & A, sharing their culture with their new friends.


Children at Granby, happy to connect with new friends across the world in Makuleke village!


Children at Granby Memorial Middle School Skype with Mawisa and Percy!


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