Global Education

Sharing to Learn empowers the impoverished Makuleke Community through education.  We believe that all children deserve the benefits of a rich and equal education.  By connecting children around the world with the once-marginalized South African community, we create a platform for children to learn with and from one another, all the while working towards social change.  We have established a forum for children to be part of the solution to poverty as they work towards the change that they wish to see in the world.  Young social entrepreneurs, both in the remote village and in bustling cities, work towards finding solutions and funds to mobilize Makuleke through education.

Our global education curricula allow children across the globe to come together as one and share.  While connecting these diverse communities, we bridge the geographic and socio-economic divide.  Subsequently, our experiences provide children with the foundation of core values, such as: tolerance, understanding, compassion and respect.

We have worked with schools in the United States, South Africa and Portugal, co-creating global education, service-based learning curricula tailored to each individual school’s needs.  Examples of our global education programs are below.

The Earthbox Exchange

The Earthbox Exchange is a program connecting The Spence School in New York City, USA, with The Joas Phahlela Primary School in Makuleke, South Africa, through science curriculum. Children on opposite sides of the globe, opposite hemispheres and seasons, partake in similar agriculture lessons, using Earthboxes as tools for the growth of sustainable crops. They compare information, statistics, recipes and photographs with one another through letters and email exchanges. While doing so, they begin to build friendships, understanding and respect for other cultures around the world – the beginnings of a global education and citizenship!  The Earthbox Exchange is a model program that can be adapted to any school or grade level.


The Preschools to Preschools

Sharing is an important value learned and developed during the preschool years. Through our Preschools to Preschools Program, we create curricular units that build global bridges at the early childhood level. By linking the Makuleke Community preschools with preschools around the world, children as young as three years of age begin to learn about cultures around the world, as they focus on typical games, toys, art, music, food, homes and animals of a distinct community. At a young age, children begin sharing ideas and resources with one another. For example, students in Makuleke, South Africa create typical wire car toys and send them to their partnered schools, whose students then try and replicate them. Students in communities with an abundance of school materials and resources share school supplies that they are no longer using with communities in need, such as educational toys and school bags. We currently have a structured program in place at Christ Church Day School in New York City.  We also have programs running at Beverly Vista School, in Beverly Hills, California and at Carlucci American International School of Lisbon, Portugal.