Mentor Program

Sharing to Learn strives to mentor children around the world. While we provide cultural exchanges for communities around the globe, we also create sponsorship programs for orphans in the Makuleke Village of South Africa.  Sharing to Learn is committed to supporting children’s rights. We believe that all children, on all corners of the globe, deserve the right to education, food, shelter and love.

While Makuleke is a collective society and orphans are taken in to live with neighbors or relatives, the families struggle to feed more children and many go hungry. For just $425 a year, you can sponsor an orphaned child in Makuleke and ensure that he or she receives three nutritious meals each day. A committee created by the village’s Tribal Authority administers the money donated to a local shop in the orphan’s name. Each month, the shop then delivers the following staple ingredients to the orphan: beans, oatmeal, cornmeal, peanut butter, soy soup, tea, bathing soap, toothpaste and washing detergent. Each sponsored child also receives school shoes and basic school supplies. Sponsorships are on a yearly basis.

Once a relationship is established between the donor and orphan, letters and correspondence are encouraged. It is our belief that sponsoring a child is an opportunity to mentor a child.