Cultural Immersion: Connecticut Magnet School Partners with Makuleke Community

Sabin, principal of Global Experience Magnet School (GEMS)  in Bloomfield, Connecticut, greets children at the Makahlule Village Primary School, South Africa.  GEMS is partnering with Sharing to Learn to create a model global education program, rooted in cultural immersion and service-based learning.  This spring, a group of students and teachers from GEMS will be returning to the Makuleke & Makahlule villages to extend our programs.

STL Cultural Immersion Trips

University of San Diego, California; Global Experience Magnet School, Connecticut & Makuleke Village

Sharing to Learn has created a model cultural immersion program.  We provide partnering schools the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the Makuleke culture and through this immersion, discover ways that lives can be transformed through service projects.  This summer we had the pleasure of hosting students and teachers from University of San Diego (USD, California) and Global Experience Magnet School (GEMS, Connecticut).  Both the university students and the high school students had the unique opportunity of traveling to Makuleke and collaborating with students, teachers and village leaders on transformational education and development projects.  The real-world connections we’ve made between students around the world have been powerful and mutually beneficial.

Nadalie, a student at USD, reads to children at the Makuleke Library

The relationships that I made during my short time in Makuleke are something I will never forget, most of which have truly changed the way I have come to think about my life.” – Jen, USD student

Professor Williams giving a lecture on Comparative Politics (US Civil Rights/Apartheid) to village community members 

Sharing to Learn has created a sustainable and effective method of cultural exchange where individuals from across the globe can feel connected with each other.”

- Dr. Williams, professor, University of San Diego

USD students and the Makuleke Equalizer group formed a deep, lasting friendship

To read more about The USD experience in Makuleke village, click the below link:

Sabin Loveland, principal of GLobal Experience Magnet School (GEMS) of Connecticut, greets children at the Makahlule Primary School

Cat, a student at GEMS in Connecticut, works on an art project with Nesta, of Makuleke Village

“I feel so very excited to be Cat’s friend because she is a kind and lovable girl and the best thing I love about her is that she has goals in life.  I’m so excited that she loved Makuleke.  We learned from each other and played games together.” – Nesta