Skyping Live From Makuleke Village!

Sharing to Learn has been so fortunate to have lovely Amanda – a graduate of University of San Diego – intern for STL in Makuleke Village!  One of the tasks that she worked on was providing internet training for teachers at one of the village’s local primary schools.  We love this photo; Amanda and teachers giggling with delight as they tested Skype out for the first time ever!  Skype is an invaluable tool for STL as it allows us to connect classrooms across the globe with the remote, rural village in South Africa.


Interning in the Village

An end-of-trip reflection from our wonderful intern, Amanda, on her time in Makuleke Village: “When posed with the question what do I want to do in life, I respond with: ‘THIS.’ What I am doing at this exact moment. I want to help, I want to learn from others, I want to have a meaningful impact on those I work with. I want to shine my light onto others and know someone was positively influenced by my actions.”