Internet Training in the Village

We  are blessed to have internet connectivity in the village.  Thanks to the incredibly generous donor, Mr. Derek Hewitt, Sharing to Learn’s community library & three school libraries are all connected to the web.  Community members now have free access to information – a commedable accomplishment for such a remote village.

This week, teachers from the three primary schools gathered at Joas Phahalela Primary School for an internet training course conducted by STL’s intern extraordinaire, Amanda.  For the first time, teachers were able to set up email accounts, Google information, and research.  We are so happy that we are able to help open the world up to the community and provide the valuable educational resources that they lack by way of internet and libraries.


Skyping Live From Makuleke Village!

Sharing to Learn has been so fortunate to have lovely Amanda – a graduate of University of San Diego – intern for STL in Makuleke Village!  One of the tasks that she worked on was providing internet training for teachers at one of the village’s local primary schools.  We love this photo; Amanda and teachers giggling with delight as they tested Skype out for the first time ever!  Skype is an invaluable tool for STL as it allows us to connect classrooms across the globe with the remote, rural village in South Africa.


Internet in Makuleke Village!

Sharing to Learn is pleased to announce that Makuleke and Makahlule villages have been connected to the internet, thanks to the generosity of STL supporter Derek Hewitt.  Both of the Sharing to Learn libraries, as well as 3 primary schools that STL works closely with, now have high-speed internet connections (and wifi routers), allowing multitudes of villagers to simultaneously access information via the web.   This is an invaluable resource as students use the internet to search for information that they otherwise didn’t have access to due to a lack of textbooks in schools; now they are able to take education into their own hands.  Community members of all ages have accessed the internet to further their education and career opportunities.

Children at the Makuleke Community Library using iPads

STL is maximizing the benefits of internet in the village in our ongoing exchanges with communities from all corners of the globe.   In June, shortly after the village was wired with internet, we held our first Skype call, connecting children at the Makuleke Library with students at Beverly Vista Elementary School in Beverly Hills, California and students at the Carlucci American International School of Lisbon, Portugal.  We are very excited that the internet is allows us to enhance our global education program and show young students in Africa, Europe, and America just how interconnected the world is!

Denise, founder of Sharing to Learn, connects a 5th Grade class in Beverly Hills with Makuleke Village –  STL’s fist ever Skype call to the village!

The internet is serving the community students wonderfully. students and community members flock to the library for help.  The internet helps students with their research assignments and looking out for bursaries.  Applying for grants and writing assignments became much easier for students.  All students are given equal opportunity to access internet using our library’s computers and the iPads.

– Attorney, Sharing to Learn Librarian

Tasha, a student from University of San Diego, teaches Rally, a high school student in Makuleke Village, how to create an email account and Facebook page

Internet has brought change to many people in the community.  Students get information about any subject and community members get current events from newspapers on the internet.  We can now communicate with people around the world – email and Skype now connect us to others.  Internet makes our village great.  It is part of community development.”

- Benes, Sharing to Learn Librarian