Storybook Adventure: Bringing Children from Portugal and South Africa One Step Closer

Sofia & Laura, Middle School Students at CAISL in Portugal, proudly hold up their book, titled, “Left Foot” – written for their new friend, Matimba, of Makuleke Village, South Africa.  Storybook Adventure is an exciting and on-going collaboration linking children from Portugal with children in rural, remote villages of South Africa.  The village children filled out questionnaires, sharing important topics of their lives, for the children in Portugal; the questionnaire became the basis for stories written by students at CAISL about and for their new friends.  This book, along with dozens more, will reach the village next week.  We can’t wait for the children to see themselves in these beautiful stories.  They will stay in a collection at Sharing to Learn’s School Library.  Stay tuned for more images to come!

Storybook Adventure – Connecting Children in Portugal and South Africa through the art of Stories

Friends at the American International School of Lisbon Skype with Denise and share the stories that they have written for their friends in Makuleke, South Africa!


We are so honored to have the support of CAISL: Carlucci American International School of Lisbon.  Children in CAISL’s middle school are working on collaborative projects with middle school children in the Makuleke Community.  As the children in Portugal learn about village life, they also learn of the inequalities that many of the children in the world face, and they have decided to try and work towards equality for their new friends in South Africa.  We are honored and humbled by the initiatives of the students at CAISL.  Last week, the Middle School hosted a play and rather than charge an admission fee, they asked for open donations to Sharing to Learn.  We are endlessly grateful.  It is only with the help of others that we are able to go forward; we are honored to walk beside so many caring children and teachers.  It is with their help that we are able to make a difference in the lives of others…

Food prepared by students and their families for the Middle School Drama Performance; sales benefitted STL.