Rebuilding the Collapsed Village Preschool

Several weeks ago, a preschool in Makuleke Village was destroyed in a horrible storm; the roof blew off and a wall collapsed. Since then, young children have been learning outdoors, under the shade of a tiny tarp that STL provided the preschool several years ago.  STL has raised money from supporters in New York, Connecticut and California to help rebuild the preschool. Thanks to the generosity of many, the rebuilding begins this week!

What is Love?

“Love is to be loving.” by: Hlulo, age 4, Jamela Preschool, Makuleke Village, South Africa

This masterpiece is Hlulo’s very first painting.  We are honored to bring educational resources to the children in Makuleke.

What is Love?

“Love is playing with my friends.” We are connecting preschool children from Makuleke Village with preschool children from NYC through art and literacy exchanges. Children from opposite corners of the globe make paintings and share thoughts on love, which we will combine together to create one book.