“Ubuntu: It speaks about our interconnectedness. You can’t be human all by yourself, and when you have this quality – Ubuntu – you are known for your generosity. We think of ourselves far too frequently as just individuals, separated from one another, whereas you are connected and what you do affects the whole World. When you do well, it spreads out; it is for the whole of humanity.” – Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Storybook Adventure: Bringing Children from Portugal and South Africa One Step Closer

Sofia & Laura, Middle School Students at CAISL in Portugal, proudly hold up their book, titled, “Left Foot” – written for their new friend, Matimba, of Makuleke Village, South Africa.  Storybook Adventure is an exciting and on-going collaboration linking children from Portugal with children in rural, remote villages of South Africa.  The village children filled out questionnaires, sharing important topics of their lives, for the children in Portugal; the questionnaire became the basis for stories written by students at CAISL about and for their new friends.  This book, along with dozens more, will reach the village next week.  We can’t wait for the children to see themselves in these beautiful stories.  They will stay in a collection at Sharing to Learn’s School Library.  Stay tuned for more images to come!

An Angel with New Shoes – Makuleke Village, South Africa

What is Love?

“Love is to be loving.” by: Hlulo, age 4, Jamela Preschool, Makuleke Village, South Africa

This masterpiece is Hlulo’s very first painting.  We are honored to bring educational resources to the children in Makuleke.

Play at the Makuleke Community Library

Play plays an integral role in the way that children learn.  On Fridays, children on Makuleke come to our little library to access our educational games and toys.  Children work together, learn together and teach one another.  Play!


We are so thankful to the children of the Makuleke Community.  Such kind, loving and wise children – they constantly remind us what is means to give thanks for the little (or lot) that one has.  They are our teachers.

New Shoes for Walking to School

Yesterday at our community library, sweet Dalton received a new pair of shoes, donated by a family in Johannesburg. Shoes are a vehicle in the village, the most used form of transportation. Many children walk an hour or more to get to school. With the help of our supporters, STL ensures that children in our program receive the shoes that are needed in order to get them to school.

Library, by: Tuki, age 15, Makuleke Village

Library is something helpful in life. According to our village, library is better than school because here at our village in high school we don’t have a library and teachers don’t come to teach. Teachers here are not serious. After school, students who didn’t gain anything at school, they go to the library. So we need this thing called library more than going to school for one or two teachers that come out of nine. This thing called library is fun for us because its all about reading different books with different stories, old and new. And we get so much help in the library because if you have a problem with a word, there are nice librarians who can help you. Makuleke Library has different books in two languages, English and Xitsonga. The Makuleke Library can help old and young kids. I love the library.

Finding Friendship Around the World: to Vukona, from Victoria; to Makuleke, South Africa from New York

“Dear Vukona, I read your letter and saw you were born in 2002. I was born in 2002, too! When I read that it made me really happy, my heart started beating fast.”

Library, by: Matimba (age 14, Makuleke Village)


We need libraries
at schools
at our villages.

Library can help you
Library can help me
to read
to know stories
of other countries
of olden days.

I wish
everyone knew how to read
every school had a library
and also villages, too.

I am not saying
I can read everything
but I’m better.

I’m not saying
I know every story
but some
because I use the library.